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Welcome to the class blog for Mr. Salsich’s 3rd grade class! On this site we will share lots of the incredible things we are learning together. Families, friends, and other students can follow along with our adventures and leave comments or ask us questions.


We will have pictures, articles, videos, and lots more on this blog. To stay up to date on what we are doing, you can subscribe to the blog using one of the methods on the left below the calendar.


In the meantime, you can explore last year’s website for an idea of what we do in 3rd grade. Also, be sure to check out the special pages on the top of this page for more information about our great class.


9 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1.   Riley Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich,
    I like your grade’s blog and looking foward to see the new kids. Enjoy your year!
    From Riley Coghlan in Miss McGeady’s Grade 2KM


    •   jmsalsich Says:

      Dear Riley,
      Thank you for your nice comment! We will definitely be checking out the 2KM blog when we start to write posts. I also really enjoyed the last post on your blog. Keep up the great writing!
      -Mr. Salsich


  2.   Mrs. Yollis Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I think you have a great new blog! The banner of animals is really terrific. It looks like they are watching everyone learn!

    My class in California will be following your posts. I will know you have published because I added your blog to my RSS feed.


    Your blogging friend,
    Mrs. Yollis


  3.   Anonymous Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich,

    I enjoyed having an opportunity to meet you and see Tia’s classroom; she is always talking about her day and enjoys having you as her teacher and all her new classmates! The classroom was great and I loved the hidden “creatures” (Tia made sure I found all 3 before my tour was complete)!!
    I can see the student s are eager and ready to work with all the great work I saw with the Stonington favorite spots…keep up the GREAT work!!!

    Tia’s mom


  4.   Anonymous Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    Thanks for hosting the open house in your classroom yesterday. It was fantastic to see the work that the class has done thus far and to learn more about the curriculum for the remainder of the year. I look forward to hearing more about the daily adventures/activities of the class from Benjamin and hope to get the opportunity to visit the school again soon!

    Benjamin’s Dad


  5.   Kathleen McGeady Says:

    Hi Mr Salsich and 3rd Graders!

    My name is Miss McGeady and I am a Grade Two teacher in Leopold which is in Victoria, Australia.
    We have a blog too which we update regularly to show what we are up to. We are looking forward to becoming blogging buddies with you all!
    We are going on two weeks holiday now but when we come back we can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

    From Miss McGeady and 2KM


  6.   Mr. Fye Says:

    Hi to the awesome third graders in Mr. Salsich’s class! We are a third grade class in Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Fye is learning how to blog, and your teacher helped him get started! It looks like you are having a great year already. We have added you to the list of blogs that we follow, and we look forward to being blog buddies with you! Keep up your hard work!


  7.   Anonymous Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich’s class,

    I would like to know what that kind of lizard does during the night.

    I really like the class blog and Juan Pablo.




  8.   Caitrin's cousins Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I am Bonnie, Juan Pablo rocks! I also think that your blog is very cool!

    I am Sarah , I think that the blog is so AWESOME!!!!! You did a great job with the blog!

    I am Maddie, I think your blog is a great way to show what your learning in class.

    I am Kaleigh, I love your blog and think you are a very great teacher.

    I am Jenifer,your blog is very clever, for your classroom.

    I am Annie, the little froggy is cute.

    Caitrin’s cousins


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