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Today we had our first visit from Mr. Dewire and Mrs. Sullivan from “Nature Scapes.” They are experts about the habitats of Connecticut. We are lucky to have them teach us more about plant and animal adaptations. They will be coming back three more times, and then we will go on a field trip with them to explore the habitats!

Field Habitat

Today they told us about the field habitat and showed us some of the things that live there. Like…


Praying Mantis



IMG_6234Red Tailed Hawk



Corn Snake

(Mrs. Sullivan told us that the corn snake wasn’t actually from Connecticut, but that it was a lot like the black rat snakes that live here. Why wouldn’t this corn snake survive very long in the habitats of Connecticut?)

Mr. Dewire and Mrs. Sullivan will be back next week with more surprises!

Here are some ideas to think about for comments:
What “gross” adaptation does a toad use to make a predator drop it?
Why don’t hawks hunt over a forest?
Why do butterflies live in fields?
What was your favorite part of their visit?
Share any comment!

16 Responses to ““Nature Scapes””

  1.   RJ Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich,

    Our new blog is really cool. My dad likes it too.



  2.   Anonymous Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich
    I love all the new stuff on the blog. I love the way you put the photo and the stuff we learned in class.
    Love, Tia


  3.   Graham Says:

    The hawk has to hunt in the field because it is clear and it can see down below. It can”t hunt in the forest because the trees are blocking the prey. My favorite creature was the praying mantis because I liked watching it crawl. It was a great program for all of us! I’m looking forward to next week.

    From, Graham


    •   Mr. Salsich Says:

      Excellent comment Graham! You are exactly right about the hawk and why it hunts in the field. It was cool when the praying mantis started to crawl up Mr. Dewire’s arm.


  4.   gracie Says:

    Dear class

    I really like all of your comments. My favorite animal that they showed us was the little toad. I really learned a lot when they came. I hope we keep learning more about animals.

    your friend,


  5.   RJ and Mateo Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich,
    Today we read about sharks to see what adaptations they have. Me and Mateo enjoyed reading about sharks. We hope we read more animal books. We think the great white shark is a smart shark because when it bites a surfer’s board it swims away.

    Your friends
    RJ and Mateo


  6.   Sean Says:

    Dear class,
    The nature scape came to our class. I liked the toad because its skin felt bumpy.
    Your friend,


  7.   nick Says:

    I like the praying mantis and the corn snake.
    Nick B. and David


    •   Mr. Salsich Says:

      Dear Grace, RJ, Mateo, Sean, and Nick,

      You all wrote fantastic comments! The insects and animals they brought were very interesting, I wonder what we will see next week?

      Good reading Mateo and RJ. I agree, sharks are very smart. Sometimes people think they are just mindless and aggressive, but I think they are perfectly adapted to their habitat. Sometimes they make mistakes when something unusual enters their habitat, but that is not their fault.

      I swam with nurse sharks in Belize, and they were very gentle. One time I saw a reef shark and I immediately turned around and went back to shore because I didn’t want to confuse it. It was scary, but also beautiful.

      -Mr. Salsich


  8.   Mrs. Yollis' Class Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich’s Class,

    Thanks for the great comments from your class! We appreciate it!

    We are dying to know something. What gross adaptation does the toad use to escape being dinner?

    Your friends,
    Mrs. Yollis’ Class


    •   Mr. Salsich Says:

      Dear Mrs. Yollis’ Class,

      The gross adaptation that the toad uses is to pee in the predator’s mouth until it drops it! We think that is gross, but also cool! Also, they have a liquid juice that comes out of their skin so they taste horrible.

      We are really enjoying your blog!

      Your friends,
      Mr. Salsich’s Class


  9.   Joseph Says:

    I remember that toads pee on their predators. That is gross.

    From Joseph


  10.   tia Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,
    Red tailed hawks dont hunt above the forest because it can not see its food.



  11.   Caitrin Says:

    The corn snake was pretty. Nature scapes is cool.


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