Chameleon Adaptations – by Sam K.

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Our latest adaptation Voicethread is about chameleons by Sam K.

(A special thanks to the recording engineer, Derek.)

What fact did you find most interesting? Why?

Do you have any more information about chameleons?

Is there anything else you want to know about chameleon adaptations?

20 Responses to “Chameleon Adaptations – by Sam K.”

  1.   Mr. DeLuca's Grade 2/3 Says:

    Hi Sam and Class,
    Thank-you for helping us learn about chameleons and their adapatations. We are also learning about animal groups and how animals are designed to survive.
    We plan on creating some Voicethreads about animal adapations as well.
    We’ll try to do some different ones so that you can also learn from us… we can be the experts on some animals as well.

    Your Friends,
    Prince Andrew Grade 2/3D


  2.   Mrs McKenzie and class B4 Says:

    Dear Sam
    Today the children in B4 watched your Voicethread about the chameleon.

    They were fascinated to find out that it can swivel its eyes and look in different directions.
    Mrs McKenzie thought that would be quite a useful adaptation for teachers to have. (And parents too).

    The children also thought it was interesting that the chameleon’s tongue can be longer than its body.

    We don’t have chameleons in New Zealand.
    Do you know where chameleons are found?

    from B4

    PS. We think that you, Margot, Taylor and Alison have all done a great job with your Voicethreads.


  3.   bb ♥ Says:

    Dear Sam.K,

    You did an awesome job talking about the chameleon and I enjoyed listening to you. I found it very interesting how chameleons use camouflage to protect its self.

    I have found some facts about chameleons. Chameleons spend most of it’s day motionless in the trees. When the chameleons don’t use their tails it’s usually curled up.

    I have a question for you,
    where do chameleons mainly live?

    From Bianca.


    •   Sam K. Says:

      Dear bb,

      I didn’t know that the chameleon stays almost motionless all day. The chameleon lives in southern Africa and on the island of Madagascar. When it’s on a branch it’s tail is curled up around the branch.



  4.   declairing Says:

    I also loved your facts, Sam and will share them with my class in NZ on Tuesday (public holiday for us on Monday)! We are learning to write factual reports in our classroom – I think voice thread could be a fun way to publish them!


  5.   Hamilton Salsich (your teacher's father, and also a teacher) Says:

    Dear Sam,

    I really enjoyed your dramatic and knowledgeable presentation. I learned a great deal about chameleons, and I thank you for that.

    You might have mentioned this, but did you know that the word “chameleon” is sometimes used to refer to people who constantly change their opinions, dress, etc. in order to please others? Sometimes the word is used to refer to politicians who seem to change their opinions to please the voters.

    Thanks again, Sam!

    Mr. Hamilton Salsich


  6.   Mrs. Moore Says:

    Dear Sam,

    You’ve done a very nice job on your research! I think my favorite fact was about the chameleon’s eyes. They can see their prey moving on either side. I wonder what would happen if teacher’s had eyes on the sides of their head… :)

    The images that you used are stunning! The colors are so vibrant. What website did you use to gather the pictures for use on your Voicethread?

    Keep up the great work!
    Mrs. Moore


  7.   Ben Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,
    I liked the video about the chameleon. I think it is cool how it changes colors when it is trying to get away from its predators.I have a question. Could it change many difrent colors at once? Cool video about the walk to raise money for Uganda!
    in Mrs. Yollis class


  8.   amy coleman Says:

    Dear Sam,
    Awesome presentation on chameleon’s. I learned alot.


  9.   sean Says:

    Dear Sam,

    I really liked the part where you said, “Hey girl, come check me out.” I learned a lot. One thing I learned is there tongue goes as fast as a frogs.



  10.   Taylor Says:

    Dear Sam ,

    Great job Sam keep up the good work. I really liked the line when you said, “hey girl come check me out now!” I thought that was funny because you said it with expression. Here is one question for you: Why did you pick a chameleon?

    From Taylor* :)


  11.   jacob p Says:

    Dear Sam

    I really learned a lot about the chameleon! keep up the hard work.

    from our friend Jacob in Mr. Salsich’s class


  12.   steven Says:

    Dear Sam,

    How did you know that it means, “Hey girl come check me out”?

    from Steven


  13.   Casiddy Says:

    Dear Sam,
    My favorite part of your voicethread was when you said,” Hey girl come check me out now.” That was funny when you said that. What colors could they be?…Could they be pink or purple? How big can it be and how small can they be?


    Cassidy (Cassie)


  14.   Tyler D Says:

    Dear Sam K.
    Amazing job! It sounded like it was as easy as eating a piece of cake and you were not one bit under pressure which is hard to do when people all around the world can see it.

    I think that it is one of the best places to find information for the chameleon if you need to research it.

    I have a question for you that you may not be able to answer. How do the chameleon’s fit the tongue that is as big as their body in their mouth?

    Hope you can answer soon.

    Your little guy,
    Tyler D.


  15.   SAM L. Says:

    Dear Sam K.,

    I thought your chameleon video was awesome because I learned that that they can talk with colors.

    From, Sam L.


  16.   Emmett Says:

    Dear Sam,

    I loved the voicethread. It was fabulous. :)

    Emmett in Mr. Salsich’s class


  17.   tommy Says:

    Dear Sam,

    I like the part where it said “hey come check me out girl”. I liked it because, I don’t know why but I just like it.

    Your friend and classmate,
    Tommy ;)


  18.   Derek Says:

    Dear Sam K,

    What I enjoyed about this production are the slide’s 2 and 3. I enjoyed slide 2 because it was the longest and gave the most information on Chameleons. I also liked slide 3 when it said “Hey girl come check me out now.”



  19.   Brandon Says:

    Hi Sam,

    I’m not from your school, but your video helped me with my school project. I’m in 5th grade. My school is Ashley Elementary in Anchor Bay district.
    Thanks for the help!

    From, Brandon


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