Book Character Day

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Every year around Halloween the third grade students at Deans Mill School dress up for Book Character Day. The students can dress up as one of their favorite characters from a book that they have read. Then they write down five clues about the character to see if others can guess who they are.

Sharing our clues on stage for the whole third grade

Sharing our clues on stage for the whole third grade

We shared our clues with the whole third grade and then we visited a first grade class, a second grade class, and a fourth grade class.

Here is a slideshow of some of the costumes and clues. Can you guess who they are?

Leave a comment if you think you know one of the characters.

Be sure to say what number character you are guessing.

Which clues helped you figure it out?

23 Responses to “Book Character Day”

  1.   Mrs McKenzie and class B4 Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich and grade 3
    I think your costumes are very good, and what an excellent idea having to give 5 clues about your character.

    I am going to say that I think character 1 is Pippi Longstocking. I guessed it is Pippi by looking first at the costume, then reading the clues to confirm my guess.

    I used to read the Pippi Longstocking stories when I was about nine years old!

    from Mrs M♔Kenzie


  2.   Kathleen McGeady Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich and class,

    Your dress up day sounded like a lot of fun!

    I agree with Mrs McKenzie. Character one was Pippi Longstocking. The very first clue gave it away for me because this was one of my very favourite books and movies when I was younger.

    I think character 9 is Little Red Riding Hood. I liked this one because when I was in Grade Two I remember dressing up as Red Riding Hood for our Book Week Dress Up Day. My mum made me a basket full of pikelets that I gave out to everyone! (Pikelets are mini pancakes)

    Every year at the start of the year we have a dress up day called LPS Day (LPS stands for Leopold Primary School). The kids all dress up as something beginning with L, P or S! In the past I have dressed up as a princess and a school girl. I wonder what I will be next year?

    Good luck everyone else guessing the characters!

    Your friend,
    Miss McGeady :)


  3.   Maggie Says:

    Dear class,

    I thought it was so cool that we got to dress up because we got to see all of the different book characters that we didn’t know about.

    Maggie :)


  4.   Mrs. Watson Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich and class,

    Wow! I absolutely love that you all dressed up as book characters. I would have had such a hard time deciding which character to be. I think I would pick the Paper Bag Princess.

    Some of the students in my class chose book characters to dress up as for Halloween. We had a Harry Potter and Indiana Jones. Maybe next year we can try to have the students at our school celebrate Book Character Day.

    Thanks so much for sharing your tradition!

    Mrs. W


  5.   Jazmin Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich and class,

    This is a really good post!
    I’ll tell you what I think stands out… the picture!

    Pictures always make posts stand out.
    I don’t really know anyone who I know in your sideshow because the costumes are just so so so so so good!

    I hope other people will guess at least someone!
    From your friend,
    Jazmin (in 2KJ)!


  6.   Hamilton Salsich (your teacher's father, and also a teacher) Says:

    Dear Students of Mr. Salsich,
    I loved all the slides and the fancy costumes! It sounds like a wonderful idea to dress up as a character and have people try to guess. I would say that character #11 was in a book called “The Wizard of Oz”, but I sure can’t remember her name.

    Thanks for sharing all your fine work!

    With admiration,
    Mr. Hamilton Salsich


  7.   Bianca Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich and students,

    I loved your power point slide show.
    I feel you all looked awesome.

    When I dressed up at our school I have dressed up as a rock star Cher and a Tiger.
    I really enjoy getting dressed up!

    I think I have picked out two of the characters.
    Number 11 is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Number 13 is Tinkebell.
    Hope I am correct.
    From your blogging friend Bianca.


    •   tommy Says:

      Dear Bianca,

      You are right #13 is Tinkerbell and #11 is Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz.

      Your Blogging Buddy from Connecticut,


    •   Margot Says:

      Dear Bianca,

      Thank you for the complement! You were right that #13 is Tinkerbell and #11 is Dorothy. I was character #7.

      I have some questions for you: What is a rock star cher? What kind of Tiger?

      From your blogging buddy,
      Margot* :)


      •   BB Says:

        @ Margot,
        Thank you for reply.
        Cher is a famous singer in America.
        I was dressed up as a Leopard.
        You look so cute.
        I still don’t know what character you are.
        Can you please give me some more clues?
        From Bianca.


  8.   Miss Jordan Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich and class,

    What fantastic costumes you all wore for your special Book Character Day!

    I think Character 5 was Hermione from the Harry Potter series. When I read that the character was the smartest student at Hogwarts, I knew it had to be Hermione!

    At Leopold Primary School, we had a Book Day dress-up day a few years ago. I dressed up as a witch in a long black dress, black hat and a broomstick. I think I was the witch from The Wizard of Oz.

    Your friend,
    Miss Jordan

    P.S Hamilton – I think the character’s name from the Wizard of Oz you can’t remember is Dorothy. :)


  9.   Margot Says:

    Dear Class,

    I loved book character day! I liked dressing up as a book character. It was fun reading clues and guessing what other people were. I liked seeing all the different and unique outfits and props! :)

    Margot :)


  10.   Tyler Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich and class,

    WOW! You guys had amazing costumes and clues. They were so good I could not even guess them but I was told because I’m in Mr. Salsich’s class which is pretty much cheating. I was character # 6 in the slide show. So what I’m trying to say is wonderful job and I am not joking one little tiny bit.

    Your buddy Tyler
    in Mr. Salsich’s class


  11.   Mr. DeLuca's Grade 2/3 Says:

    Mr. Salsich & Class,
    We absolutely love the idea of a Character Day and would like to give it a try. You’ve inspired us! We think it would be so much fun! Will you post some tips for us as we plan our day?

    We’ll keep you posted but you should know that we’ll be using your blog to help launch the planning for our day. Another job well done class!

    Grade 2/3D – Prince Andrew Public School


  12.   Mrs. Moore Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich and third graders,

    I always enjoy reading your posts.

    Character 4 really made me smile! I just read this story with my 4 year old daughter, Isabella. She would be able to tell you that you are dressed like Skippyjon Jones! We refer to her little sister, Gabrielle, as the “smallest of the small ones.” :)

    This is a fabulous idea! The clues made your slideshow even more interesting. One of the schools that I have taught in had a similar book character day. Tell me if you can guess who I was dressed up as.

    1. I had curly hair.
    2. My earrings, outfit, socks, and shoes all matched the same theme.
    3. I encouraged everyone to, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”
    4. I had a pet named Liz. Can you guess who I was?

    Thank you for sharing!

    Your Friend,
    Mrs. Moore from Techie Kids


    •   Derek Says:

      Dear Mrs. Moore,

      I am glad that you have a book character day, too! I am going to guess that you dressed up as Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus books.



    •   Hope Says:

      Dear Mrs. Moore

      I think that you were dressed up as Miss.Frizzle from the magic school bus because she has a pet Liz that is a kind of chameleon.

      From. Hope


  13.   Margot Says:

    Dear Mrs. Moore,

    You were right! Character 4# is Skippyjon Jones. I was character 7#. I am pretty sure that you were Ms. Frizzle.
    I have a question: For book character day did you bring in a fake lizard to be Liz?

    Margot* :)


    •   Mrs. Moore Says:

      Dear Derek, Hope, and Margot,

      You solved the clues! I was dressed up as Ms. Frizzle. I always thought that she was a pretty great teacher and thought it would be fun to try out her style. :)

      I did not bring in a fake lizard to pretend to be Liz. That would’ve been a fun idea! However, I did have a classroom pet at that time that was a Leopard Gecko. He did not look the same as Liz, but it was fun to compare them! His name was Gizmo.

      I would love to try a Book Character Day at my new school. I wonder which character I would dress as this time…

      Mrs. Moore


  14.   Taylor Says:

    Dear Mr.Salsich,

    I liked having book character day when we went to the lunch room. Some of the characters where hard. Some people were dressed up as the same thing like Maggie and Cassidy they were both Dorothy

    From, Taylor*


  15.   Jacob Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,
    I think that character 4 was Skippy Jon Jones and I think that character 9 was Little Red Riding Hood! And I am going to have a great year!

    Jacob in Mr Salsich’s class


  16.   Michael Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I think character 1 is called Pippi Longstocking because our teacher told us about it. It was very funny.

    Team Toa


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