The Reading Round-Up!

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Mr. Salsich’s class loves to work with other people and to share ideas. We have learned that when you collaborate, everybody wins!

So, we are very excited to be starting a new collaborative blog with Mrs. Yollis’ class called The Reading Round-Up.

Welcome to "The Reading Round-Up"

Welcome to "The Reading Round-Up"

This blog is open to everyone that loves reading!
Click on this link or the image above to visit the blog and watch a welcome video from Sheriff Salsich and Sheriff Yollis. Yee haw!
Then leave a comment on the new blog about the book you are reading.

10 Responses to “The Reading Round-Up!”

  1.   Kathleen McGeady Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich’s class,

    I just checked out your blog and I ♥ it!

    I really ♥ reading and I can’t wait to hear more about your reading adventures.

    Mr Salsich, you and Sheriff Yollis were so clever to make that video! How did you do it? Did you use a green screen?

    Your reading buddy,
    Miss McGeady

    PS – I agree, when you collaborate, everyone wins! What a great saying!


    •   Mr. Salsich Says:

      Dear Miss McGeady,

      I am glad you like our new blog. Hopefully some of the students from 2KM can leave some comments about what they are reading.

      I’m guessing that there are Australian “cowboys.” Do they also have special slang and accents?

      Yes, we used green screens to make our videos. Then we spliced together the footage to make one video. It was fun! (Although, I need to find a cowboy hat – a sheriff without a hat is like a rattlesnake without teeth.)

      Now that I know how to use a green screen, we will use it for class videos. So, you might see the students “traveling” to some exotic places.

      Mr. Salsich


  2.   Kathleen McGeady Says:

    @ Mr Salsich,

    Nice to hear from you. Here is something interesting. Is your name pronounced “sal-sick”? All this time we were saying “sal-sich”. I hope you can tell us so we can get it right!

    I’m sure 2KM would love to be involved in your reading blog! Thanks.

    How clever learning how to use the green screen. I have never done that. I think it is terrific that you and Mrs Yollis could make that video together even though you’re on opposite sides of your country!

    As for your question, we do not have cowboys. I think that is an American word. I think people who work on big farms in outback Australia are called Jackaroos (male) or Jillaroos (females). Lots of people think that people who live in the outback or Queensland have more of an accent.

    Your friend,
    Miss McGeady


    •   Mr. Salsich Says:

      Dear Miss McGeady,

      Yes, my name is pronounced “sal-sic” – the H is silent, I’m not sure why.

      Hmm, I wonder if our word “buckaroo” is connected to “jackaroo”…

      Mr. Salsich


  3.   bianca Says:

    Howdy partners,

    I watched the video it was awesome.

    The book I have in my saddle bag is Diary of a Wimpy by Jeff Kinney.

    The main character is Greg Heffly which he is bullied by his older brother Rodrick. I am going to describe what Greg’s life is about.

    Greg is wimpy. He’s best friend is Rowely. Rowely is crazy but he loves playing games.

    I hope you like my information about my book in my saddle bag.

    From your friend,
    Bianca (bb).


  4.   Skye! Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich and class,

    I have looked at the “Reading Round-Up Blog”. I loved the first post and that video. You and Mrs Yollis are great at acting!

    I read Rainbow Magic books from home. I think every book you read you learn more!

    Do you think that’s true?

    What type of books do you like reading?

    Your Blooging Buddy,


    •   Margot Says:

      Dear Skye,

      Thank you for the compliment! I also think every book you read you learn more. I also think that whenever you finish a book you get more ideas. I like reading chapter books espeically books about fairies! :)



  5.   Mrs. Yammine Says:

    Dear. Mr. Salsich’s Class,

    I came across your blog via another blog page our class follows, Mrs. W and the 2/3’s in Canada. My fourth grade class is also located in CT – Naugatuck. I love the idea of the Reading Round-Up and can’t wait to show my students. I am sure that they will want to participate!
    Great idea.
    Mrs. Yammine and the Super STARS


  6.   Erik&Gus Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich and class,

    It’s your friends Erik and Gus.
    Gus and I think that the Reading round-up was a great idea to make people interested in reading.

    Gus and I are reading Stink and Dragonbreath.

    your class buddies,

    Erik and Gus


  7.   Margot Says:

    Dear Sheriffs,

    Right now I am reading Gooseberry Park by Cynthia Rylant and it has lots of suspense, adventure, and friendship. I reccomend that you read it! :)

    Margot* ;)


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