Learning “How-To” Blow a Bubble (and Use iMovie on an iPad)

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A while back we saw some very cool displays in the hallway outside of one of the 1st grade classrooms:




We wanted to find out what neat stuff they were learning that would lead to such cool displays. So, we asked their amazing teacher, Miss Dessereaux, if we could interview some of her students about it. She agreed, so we decided to film the interviews using our iPads. That way we could use the footage to learn how to make a video using the iMovie app.

We found out that the hallway display was part of a unit on “How-To” writing. The 1st graders wrote step-by-step directions to teach people how to blow a bubble with bubble gum.

"How-to Blow a Bubble"

“How-to Blow a Bubble”


We then took the video footage from the interviews and started to learn how to put it together into a video using iMovie. We explored the app together and learned by trying things out, making “mistakes”, and seeing what worked.

At one point we got stuck on figuring out how to split a video clip. So we Googled the key words “split clip iMovie iPad 2.” We got lots of results. We scanned them over to see which one looked like the best match, and the first one we tried was a video tutorial that showed us how to do what we wanted to know after 3 minutes!

So, here is the video we made of the 1st grade interviews using iMovie on the iPad, with their explanations of what “How-To” writing is:


(Now we are using what we learned to make another iMovie video using footage from our amazing Science and Technology Day! Stay tuned to see that one on the blog soon.)


What did you think of the video?

What do you think of the 1st grade writing and displays?

What is something that you have learned how to do from writing or from a video?

9 Responses to “Learning “How-To” Blow a Bubble (and Use iMovie on an iPad)”

  1.   Miss Dessereaux's Class Says:

    That was a great video! The interviews turned out wonderful. We hope to learn how-to use the iMovie app on the iPad someday too! Thank you very much for showing interest in our first grade “How-To” writing.

    Keep up the good work using your ipads!

    Miss Dessereaux’s Class


    •   Sandy Says:

      Dear Miss Dessereaux’s class,

      Thank you for looking at our blog post and leaving a comment! Hi, my name is Sandy and I am in Mr. Salsich’s third grade class. All the people who did the interviews did a fabulous job. I also agree with you that the interview turned out great! It is very fun to use an iPad to make a video and I hope all of you get to use it to make a video too! We really were very interested in your writing and were glad that you could share your ideas about “how-to” writing with us.

      Your third grade friend,
      Sandy :cool:


    •   Nora Says:

      Dear Miss Dessereaux’s Class,

      Thank you for the wonderful comment! I hope you liked being interviewed by us. You guys did fantastic and I look forward to you making some new interesting art before the end of the year!!

      Nora :cool:


  2.   Lindsey Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I thought the viedo was awesome! I also thought that when we used iMovie on the iPad it was creative and cool to make a video of first graders. Also, for some of us meeting new people was nice too.

    Your student,
    Lindsey :lol:


  3.   Sophia Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich and Miss Dessereaux’s Class,

    I thought the video was great! Miss Dessereaux’s students did an outstanding job! Their How-To writing was very helpful to the people who do not know how to blow a bubble and still helpful to the people who can. To be honest I did not know how to blow a bubble before I saw their writing. It gave me lots of great tips on how to blow a bubble.

    Your student,

    $ophia :cool: :lol:


  4.   Natalia Says:

    Dear Mr.Salsich,

    I thought the video was great! I knew how to blow a bubble but the video will help people who don’t know how to blow a bubble learn the steps how to. Nice post!

    Your student,
    Natalia :mrgreen:


  5.   Sarah Says:

    What a great way to include ICT into your curriculum. I might try this activity with my Grade3 class when we start procedural texts. Thanks!


  6.   Alicia Says:

    Dear mr. Salsich,

    I really liked using the ipad to make a video about blowing bubbles on imovie. Even though it took kind of a long time to get on the blog it was a good video and it was worth the wait. One part that I really liked about the video was when in the end when the first graders said they were writing another how to book, and what they were writing about.

    From your Student,
    Alicia :cool:


  7.   Cayla Says:

    Dear Mr.Salsich,

    I loved the post about the How-To writing!

    I liked the part at the end when they told us another How-To they were writing like How-To bake a cake and How-To take care of a cat. I also liked the applause at the end.



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