Science and Technology Day

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Thursday, May 30th was Science and Technology Day at our school.

Science & Technology Day

Science & Technology Day

We spent the whole day going from presentation to presentation, learning about things like eyesight, fingerprinting and crime-solving, electricity, submarine escape, liquid nitrogen, and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). It was an amazing day!

We recorded some of the day’s highlights¬†with¬†pictures and video on one of our iPads. Then we used what we had learned about iMovie to create a short video.

The video below was made almost entirely by students! We hope you like it.


What was your favorite thing about Science and Technology Day?

What type of science are you interested in learning about?

Have you ever done a science experiment of your own?

7 Responses to “Science and Technology Day”

  1.   Sandy Says:

    Dear Mr.Salsich,

    My favorite thing about Science and Technology Day was the liquid nitrogen activity and the fingerprinting activity! I am interested in science featuring technology. I am interested in that type of science because one, I love technology and two, I am very good at technology. I have tried to do many science experiments. For example, I got a glass of milk and a straw. Then I blew out of the straw into the milk and bubbles came up, and they exploded at the top of the cup and went all over the table (so my parents don’t let me do that anymore)!

    Great Post! Also, great job to everyone for helping out with the iMovie!

    Your Student,
    Sandy :idea:


  2.   Keira Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich’s Class,

    I am Keira in 4KM for 2013.
    I have enjoyed blogging with you guys. Nearly every time you would leave a blog post 4KM and 4KJ would have a look at it. I really think your posts were interesting.

    What are you going to do when you go on Summer Vacation? How hot does it get over there where you guys live? Have a great, safe and happy Vacation! I love having days off school and I love being at school.

    From your blogging buddy,
    Keira in 4KM.


  3.   Ryan Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    My favorite thing about science and technology day was when we got to drive the ROV’s. What I did not like about science and technology day was when I saw the cow’s eye ball cut out. That was gross. But I still really liked science and technology day.



  4.   WYNN Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I thought Science and Technology Day was very fun!

    My favorite thing about Science and Technology Day was Liquid Nitrogen. I liked trying the marshmallows, frozen graham crackers, and the ice cream. It’s cool how they can make it in three minutes.
    I also liked the R.O.V.’s. It was fun controlling them and trying to get the rings at the bottom of the pool. I got it the first time, but it fell off the hook.
    I thought when the man cut open the cow’s it was disgusting!

    I liked doing fun things around the school, instead of doing work.

    Your Student,
    Wynn :cool:


  5.   Brendan (in Mr. salsich's class Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I have done a science experiment on my own. What I did was, I got a blow dryer and I and then I plugged the blow dryer in. Then you put it on high and then you put a ping pong ball on the the blow dryer and the ping pong ball floats in the air. I also did an experiment with six pennies and what you do is first you put five pennies next to each other so one is behind another then you put the sixth penny about two inches behind the last penny and finally you flick the penny so it hits the last penny and after that look at the first penny and you will notice that it moved away from the group. I do not know why it happens. But if you do it you can probably figure it out and to find it out all you need is a brain and six pennies.

    Finally my favorite part of Science and Technology day was when we did the ROVs because when it was my turn I got 3 rings! (the rings were really hard to get.) In my opinion all the presenters did a fabulous job and I think Deans Mill should keep doing Science and Technology Day!

    Your Student,
    Brendan :razz: :cool:


  6.   Trey Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    My favorite part of Science and Technology day was when I ate the graham cracker and all the steam came out my nose like a steamroller.

    Burrito :lol:


  7.   liam Says:

    To Mr.Salsich

    I loved the idea to have a technology day and to make your own boat object
    I hope it went well for all of you.

    From Liam


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