Thanks for Another Great Year of Learning!

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Wednesday, June 19th is our last day of school before summer vacation!

We have had a great year together and have learned so many things.┬áLuckily we have the blog to remember it all. You can always re-read posts, watch videos, or add new comments by using the “tag cloud” or the archives on the sidebar.

Here is a slideshow with pictures and video clips from the first day of school right up through our last field trip:


Thanks to all of our blogging buddies, commenters, family members, and followers that have helped us learn and given us support and ideas!


What is one of your favorite memories from third grade?

Do you have a favorite post or video from the blog this year?

41 Responses to “Thanks for Another Great Year of Learning!”

  1.   Sandy Says:

    Dear Mr.Salsich,

    My favorite third grade memory is when we did the marble mazes during the CMT’s (Connecticut Mastery Tests). That was my favorite because I liked working in a group of three and putting a maze together to see what we could make of it. My favorite post or video this year was this post because it shows all of our memories from our third grade year. I will miss you and the class so much next year!

    Great post and I will miss you so much!!! I hope I get you in fifth grade.

    Your Student,
    Sandy :grin:


  2.   Haille 4KM Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich,

    I hope that you all have a fantastic holiday (vacation).

    My favourite posts were the Poetry Madness ones, my favourite poem was ‘Smart’.

    Bye For Now,
    ♥ Haille ♥


  3.   Meg Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich and class,

    My name is Meg and I am in 4KJ and 4KM. I think this is a great post!

    It looks like you had a wonderful year this year and I wish you a happy holiday.

    I think it is a great idea to put a video of pictures through the year that you had.

    Here are a few questions for you guys to answer:
    1.Have you enjoyed this year?
    2.Do you want to leave Mr Salsich?
    3.What was it like in grade 3?

    Great post once again!

    You blogging buddy,


    •   Sandy Says:

      Dear Meg,

      I think it was a good idea to put a video of pictures of our year too! Hi I am Sandy from Mr.Salsich’s class.

      To answer all of your questions, I have really enjoyed my year in third grade. Two, I do not want to leave Mr.Salsich :oops: because he is a fantastic teacher, but he is moving up to fifth grade next year so I could get him again in two years. Third grade was an awesome grade, and it was fun to learn. Mr. Salsich made learning fun by doing interesting projects that connect to learning.

      Also I have a question for you: What season is it where you live? Also when does your school year end, or has it just started?

      Your Blogging Buddy,
      Sandy :twisted:


    •   Piper Says:

      Dear Meg,

      I have enjoyed this year a lot. Right now we are working on a Vortex cannon. A Vortex cannon is a box with a 4″ whole in the middle. You put fog in it and you hit the sides with all your might. When you hit the sides with all your might you will see a little circle of fog come out. To make it knock over something stack up some plastic cups and try to knock them over.

      I don’t want to leave Mr. Salsich because he is a very creative and awesome, I wish I could have him for fourth grade. Third grade year was awesome for me.

      I have some questions for you:

      How was your year?
      Do you want to leave your teacher?
      What are you doing for your Holiday (vacation?)

      Your Blogging buddy,
      Piper :lol:


  4.   Olivia Says:

    Hi Mr. Salsich,

    This is a great post you have here. My name is Olivia and I am from 4KM and 4KJ.

    I love to go to school and learn but I also like to have a bit of a break for a while. I think that the holidays is a great time to spend time with your family and have fun.

    I am now in grade four as you may know but I still have memories from grade three. I know that there was a sad day because our real teacher let about half way through the year to go on a holiday. I think that my favorite part of the new teacher Mr. Seach was getting to take his guitar home twice.

    I normally look at your blog with my class and not in person, so I don’t have a favorite video from your blog but I think my favorite post would have to be this one.

    Have fun everyone with your holidays and keep up the great work you are doing in class :!:

    What are you doing on your holiday?

    From Olivia :lol:


    •   Lindsey Says:

      Dear Olivia,

      Hi my name is Lindsey in Mr. Salsich’s class. What I am going to do on my summer holiday is: I am going to florida in August with my grandma, mom and my sisters. Also, I am going to Cape Cod in June with my sisters and dad. Also, after I get home from camp each day on Fridays with my mom and sisters we will go to the beach.

      What are you doing for your winter holiday? Keep up the great work in your classroom.

      Finally, Your blog is awesome too.

      Your blogging buddy,
      Lindsey :lol: (in Mr. Salsichs class)


    •   Sandy Says:

      Dear Olivia,

      Thanks for leaving the fantastic comment! I like to go to school too, but everybody needs a break. We get vacation for three months and sometimes another half if we are lucky. That is good that you look at our blog in class. On my vacation I am going to go to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I may possibly go to Rochester, New York on Wednesday when school gets out. After my week in Cape Cod my cousins from New York will come to my house in Connecticut and spend a week with us. Then in August we will go to Rochester, New York and spend a week with them at their house.

      A question for you is what season is it where you live? When is your next vacation? Thank you for all the awesome compliments too! I hope you have a great rest of your year. Thank you for being an awesome blogging buddy!

      Your blogging buddy,
      Sandy :roll:


  5.   Millie ( 4KM & 4KJ ) Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich and Class,

    WOW! The end of the school year already! It definitely went quickly.
    Myself and everyone else in 4KM and 4KJ would like to thank you for being such great blogging buddies. We sure will miss your posts!
    Happy holidays everyone. :P



  6.   Ebony Says:

    Hi Mr Salsich,

    My name is Eb and I am in 4KM and 4KJ. Great post! I really enjoyed being one of your blogging buddies!
    I hope you enjoy your summer vacation!

    Happy Holidays,


  7.   Rochelle Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich,

    I can’t believe its your last day of the year.
    I hope you had a good time with your students and I think they will miss you very much.
    I also hope that you had a great time teaching those students.

    Rochelle in Mrs Morris’s class :mrgreen:


  8.   Jesse Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich,

    My name is Jesse and I’m in 4KM and 4KJ. You’re so lucky to have your holidays at this time of year. Here in Australia we are still doing work at school. :cool:

    One of my memory’s in year three was making new friends.

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays,


  9.   Anneliese (4KJ) Says:

    Hello Mr Salsich,

    My name is Anneliese. I am in 4KJ Leopold, Victoria, Australia.
    I would just like to wish you and your grade happy holidays. Hopefully you all have a great holiday. Our holidays aren’t until December.

    Happy holidays.
    From Anneliese


  10.   Kathleen Morris Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich and class,

    Congratulations on completing another school year!

    It’s always funny to think your school year is over in June when we’re only half way through our school year.

    I enjoyed collaborating with your class this year and reading your blog posts. I especially enjoyed the Our World, Our Numbers project.

    I hope you all have a wonderful summer!

    Your friend in Australia,
    Mrs Morris


  11.   Bennett Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    The slideshow was excellent!

    My favorite memory from the school year was flying the kites. I have a lot of different memories from this long fabulous third grade year!

    Bennett :lol:


  12.   Shortstop Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    My favorite memory was when we made the marble mazes. I liked it because we got to do whatever we want with very few guidelines. I thought we did a fantastic job! Yes, I in fact do have a favorite post which is the latest mathlete show which I host.



  13.   Cayla Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    One of my favorite memories from third grade was when we made the marble mazes. I thought it was fun to see which marble maze was the slowest.



  14.   Nora Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I had a wonderful year! I liked the videos we made, for example, The Mathlete Show, Blubber Mitt, Poetry Madness, Book Character Day, and of course, Thanks For A Great Year Of Learning!!! That was probably the best post on the blog!

    Thanks for a great year of learning!

    Nora :cool:


  15.   trey Says:

    Dear Mr.Salsich,

    I think the mathlete show was my favorite part of this year. The bloopers were all the best part of the show. but learning was our main course.

    Burrito :mrgreen:


  16.   Natalia Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I can’t choose a favorite memory but my favorite post would have to be the chameleon post. My favorite video would have to be the blubber mitt video. I had an extremly fun time this year!

    Your Student,
    Natalia :shock:


  17.   Maddy Says:

    Dear Mr Salsich,

    One of the things that I enjoyed in third grade is when we got to go to the Aquarium because we got to go to the gift shop at the end of the trip and we got to see the braclets and necklaces. Also I liked the marble mazes but I think it was hard because all of us had different ideas.

    Also, I hope all of us will have a great summer vacation!

    Your student,
    Maddy :mrgreen:


  18.   Sophia Says:

    Dear Mr.Salsich,

    This year was most likely my most favorite school year. I’m happy and sad about school ending. I’m happy because no more homework, no more mad moms and dads worrying about a good grade on a test, no more getting up early to get the bus. And finally no more homework. OOPS! I may have said no more homework before. Huh! maybe I just don’t like homework that much. I’m sad school is ending because you were a great teacher. Two things that I liked about this year (but I also liked many other things) were the kites and the marble mazes.

    Your student,
    $ophia :lol: :mrgreen: :evil: :) :sad:


  19.   Ivy Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I loved the post! I had an extraordinary year! My favorite memory was every day of third grade! Every day we do something fun. My favorite post was either the Mathlete Show Messi v Ronaldo or the post on Our World, Our Numbers post that I was in. You made it a fabulous year. I liked getting Juan Pablo’s autograph in the beginning of the year. That was a great memory.

    I am happy and sad that this year is coming to an end. I am excited for summer and sad that you will not be my teacher next year. What are your feelings about the end of the year? I hope that I can get you in fifth grade, though. This summer I will be doing many fun things. What are you going to be doing this summer? I am excited to go to the Wadawanuck Club and I am doing a soccer camp. What are you excited for this summer? I hope that you have a great summer!

    You taught me a lot this year! I am glad that you are my teacher.



  20.   cole Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    My favorite memory is when we did the chameleon activity because it was easy to hit it. It was hard because you had to aim for the rolled up piece of paper not the cup.

    I’ll miss third grade,


  21.   Kali Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    My favorite post of the year was the first one with everyone’s hand in the picture. And I liked all of the mathlete shows with Cupcake, Pork chicken, Doug (who can’t say Pico de Gallo), Pico de Gallo, Nugget, Bubble, Purple piggy, Burrito, Apple 101, Shortstop, and me.

    Kali :lol:


  22.   jacob Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    my favorite thing about third grade was when we had technology day. I liked this because I got to get my fingerprint taken.

    Jacob :cool:


  23.   Daniela Says:

    Dear Mr.Salsich

    My favorite thing about the year was making new friends, helping others, and fun activities and field trips. One thing that fun wasn’t fun was I didn’t go to the last felid trip. :o

    Daniela [cupcake]


  24.   Alicia Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    My favorite memories of this year were: 1, I liked going outside to the field and watching the kites fly up high, and fly down kind of low, and fly side to side in the air. It was funny watching the kites high in the air because it looked like the kite had invisible string and wasn’t getting controlled by anything at all. Another thing that I liked about this year was the chameleon activity. It was kind of challenging at the beginning but once I got a good aim it was very easy and I could get it every time.

    Your student,
    Alicia : mrgreen :


  25.   Collin Says:

    Dear class,

    My favorite video from the blog this year was when I was trying to say Pico de Gallo and the video of me pushing the flashlight. My favorite memory from third grade was the marble maze.



  26.   Sandy Says:

    Dear Mr.Salsich,

    I can’t believe how fast the year went and how today was the last day of school! I will miss being in your class so much! :sad: You were the best teacher ever and I learned a lot from you. Again I hope I will have you in fifth grade!

    What are you doing this summer?

    I will miss third grade so much, but I am very happy with my teacher for next year.

    Your Student that is almost a fourth grader,
    Sandy :razz:

    P.S. I will miss the blog. When you teach fifth grade are you going to change the blog or start another one and delete this one :?: I miss you and the class already!


    •   Mr. Salsich Says:

      Dear sandy,

      I can’t believe the year is already over also! It was a great year, but it went by very fast. I’m going to miss you and the whole class very much! Luckily I’ll get to see you all again in two years when you come to middle school. I really hope I am fortunate enough to have you as a student again in 5th grade!

      This summer I am going to spend some time relaxing and going to the beach. I love to bodysurf, so I’m hoping for lots of big waves. I’ll also take a few short trips to places like Block Island and New York City, but mostly I’m just going to spend the summer doing things I enjoy – gardening, hiking, reading, and watercolor painting. (And riding waves of course!)

      I’m also excited to spend time getting ready for 5th grade! I love to learn new things, so it will be fun to learn about the science and social studies units, read lots of popular middle school books, and learn the math curriculum.

      About the blog, I’m going to start a new one for 5th grade, but I will still keep the 3rd grade one up so people can visit it (and comment) whenever they want. I’m not exactly sure what the new blog will be like, I’ll wait and see what my new students want to do with it and we’ll figure it out together.

      Have a wonderful summer, you deserve it!

      Warm wishes,
      Mr. Salsich


  27.   Mitchell (4KJ) Says:

    Dear Third Graders,

    Great post. It’s very sad how you people won’t get to see each other untill the holidays are over.:cry:

    Hope you have a safe and happy holiday. We are not even half way through the year. :razz:

    A blogging pal from 4KM and 4KJ Mitchell (4KJ)


  28.   Sean Says:

    Dear Class,

    I have Mrs. Irvine for fourth grade. I can’t wait for next year! I just went to Pennsylvania for a week, and Ohio for a day. In ohio I went to a fabulous roller coaster park. It had the highest and the fastest roller coasters in the country! It’s called Cedar Point. After that, we slept at my dad’s friend’s house.

    In Pennsylvania we saw our cousins again. One is 2, one is 4, and one is 9. they are so funny! like, in Pennsylvania at our grandparents house I found a purple balloon and the 4 year old named Lyra ripped it out of my hands and commented “fail”.

    So, if any body got Mrs. Irvine please reply.

    Your last years classmate,

    Sean :)


  29.   lindsey Says:

    Dear friends and Mr. Salsich,

    My favorite thing about the year was meeting all the new friends and teachers. I enjoyed doing everything! I miss everything our class did. I got Mrs. Christian for a teacher. If anyone else got Mrs. Christian let me know.

    Your fellow classmate,


  30.   Sandy and Kayla Says:

    Dear Mr. Salsich,

    This is Sandy and Kayla. Your former students. We miss your class so much! Kayla is going to St. Michael’s. Sandy has Mrs. Irvine for fourth grade! Hope you’re enjoying teaching fifth grade!

    Your former students,
    Sandy M. and Kayla T. :cool:


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