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We have been learning what it was like in Connecticut about 300 years ago during the colonial times (from the 1640’s to 1780’s). We learned that our town got the name of Stonington because of all the stones that the first farmers had to move when they cleared the land. Today, everywhere you go in […]


We live right on the border of one of the greatest rivalries in American sports – baseball’s Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. We thought it would be neat to compare two of the best players from the teams using subtraction. Subtraction is really all about finding the difference between numbers, so it is […]

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Every year our whole school has a “Reading Day” in June. This year it was Friday, June 3rd. We spent the day celebrating our love of reading and sharing the joys that books can bring. At an assembly earlier in the week some of the teachers sang a song about the wonders of reading. The […]

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On Friday we had a beautiful day with a good breeze, so we went out on the back field to fly some of the kites we made in math class. Our field is in a little valley and is surrounded by trees, so the wind can gust and swirl around unpredictably. Sometimes the wind just […]

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This month we used lots of the math skills we have been learning to build our own kites. This is part of a project we are participating in called Kites Around The World. Schools from around the world have shared their experiences making and flying kites. Now it’s our turn! Before April vacation, Mr. Avery’s […]

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This week we watched a playground clapping song by bloggers from Hawes Primary School in England. We enjoyed listening to their song, watching the clapping pattern and noticing their accent. They asked for other classes to share playground songs that they knew. Here is one called “Miss Mary Mack.”  We hope you like it. * […]

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Our new science unit is all about Properties of Matter. Properties of matter are the ways that we can describe matter. Some physical properties of matter are: weight, texture, color, absorbency, transparency, and many others. We did a science activity to investigate the property of Buoyancy: if an object sinks or floats. Mr. Salsich gave […]

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This is a student post written by Alison I started to play the piano when I was six. Before I took lessons, I taught myself how to play scales and other things. My older sister, who already took piano lessons, helped me learn the notes and key signatures. I have been playing for two years. […]

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last week we finished up our social studies projects about the Native Americans of Connecticut. One of the projects was making the frame of a miniature wigwam, which was their type of housing. We tried to follow the steps that the Pequots, Narragansetts, and Niantics might have used. Here is a sped-up video of some […]

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We are very lucky to have a fantastic music teacher, Ms. Young. She teaches us fun, interesting songs every week. This is one of our favorites that we sing at all-school assemblies. It is called “Dreams of Harmony” because we say good night in different languages. * Good night, bonne nuit Oyasamina sai, buenos noches, […]