Rainforest Classroom

We finished our big rainforest project last week. Now the room is pretty much back to normal (except for the 6 foot eagle soaring in the corner!) We want to share our tours with people who couldn’t come to the classroom, so here are some “video tours” for you to check out.

If the video loads slowly or freezes, hit the pause button and let it load all the way.

Video 1 – The Forest Floor and Understory

Video 2 – The Canopy

Video 3 – The Emergent layer and Night

Thank you to everyone that helped us with this project! That includes: all the parents and siblings that helped after school, Ms. Erin Brady from Connecticut College, Mr. Jamal Andrewin from the Belize Zoo, Mr. Michael Casey and his students from Gallon Jug Community School in Belize, The Rainforest Alliance, Mrs. Yollis’ class in California, and especially all the students and visitors that came to our tours. We have raised over $200 to protect rainforests from being cut down! Thank you!

We would love to hear what you thought of the videos

What did you like about the videos or the tour?

What was something you learned from the videos or the tour?


Do you have any questions for us?

57 thoughts on “Rainforest Classroom

  1. Hi Mr. Salsich,

    I really enjoyed watching the videos, I thought they were brilliant! It must have taken ages to learn the scripts and get all that information.

    Our teacher (at Chorlton Park Primary School) said we may make a video in a few weeks, so why not have a look at our school blog in a few weeks.


  2. Wow! I thought your video was great! I didn’t know about the Harpy Eagle and that it had such large wings. It is great to keep in touch with you all the way from America. Is your grade three the same as our year four?

    • Dear Sara,

      Thank you for the compliment on our video. Yes, the harpy eagle is a huge bird! They are big enough to carry away sloths and small monkeys.

      Third grade is 8-9 years old, so I think it is the same as “year 4.”

      Mr. Salsich

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