Paperless Day

Yesterday Mr. Salsich’s class went through the whole day without using any paper! We joined the Teach Paperless Earth Day project along with our friends from Mrs. Yollis’ class, 2KM and 2KJ from Australia, and 1,500 other classrooms that all taught without paper for Earth Day.

Our Paperless Pledge

Our Paperless Pledge - on our Smartboard

(We did our paperless day on April 21 because Mr. Salsich had a meeting on Earth Day, but really every day is Earth Day.)

We started our day with another visit from Mr. Dewire to learn more about rocks and minerals. One interesting thing he told us was that in the old days students didn’t have any paper, so they wrote everything on mini-blackboards made out of slate.

Slate - the "old" whiteboard

Slate - the "old" whiteboard

We didn’t have enough slate and chalk so we used a newer, lighter version instead – our white boards.

Using whiteboards for math

Using whiteboards for math

Math games with whiteboards and dice

Math games with whiteboards and dice

Of course, our marvelous new Smartboard made it easier to do our learning without paper.

We LOVE our new Smartboard!

We LOVE our new Smartboard!

Since we have been learning how to reduce all of our waste, many students had reusable containers for snack and lunch.

Reusable lunch bag, container, spoon, and thermos

Reusable lunch bag, container, spoon, and thermos

During reading, we read nonfiction texts about conserving paper and plastic. Partners read together and wrote down notes on white boards.

Some serious note taking!

Some serious note taking!

Then we ended the day practicing the 3 R’s song by Jack Johnson for our Skype call with Mrs. Yollis’ class on Friday.

Sing-along with the Smartboard

Practicing for our cross country sing-along

Paperless day was a lot of fun and we learned a lot about how to take care of our environment. (In fact, it was so fun that a few of us might have gone a little loopy!)

whiteboard overload

whiteboard overload


What do you think of Paperless Day?

What are some things we can do everyday to conserve paper?

13 thoughts on “Paperless Day

  1. Dear Mr. Salsich and class,

    Wasn’t it a fun experience to have a paperless day? As a teacher, I can’t believe how much paper I go through in a day or week. This experience taught me that there are alternatives to paper. We learned just as much using whiteboards as we would have with worksheets. In fact, I think it was better!

    We are looking forward to singing the 3R song with you and Mr. B. See you tomorrow!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

  2. Good work, boys and girls! With your kind of spirit, you will save the future of our earth. I am inspired by your energy and wisdom.

  3. Dear class,

    I liked paperless day because it was easy to use the whiteboards because they were easy to erase and you didn’t need to sharpen any pencils.
    To save paper everyday, we can do more work on dry erase boards and the Smartboard.


  4. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I liked paperless day because we used whiteboards and the eraser was magnetic so it stuck to the side of the desk. To save paper we could use both sides and always recycle it.

    From, Nick R.

  5. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I loved paperless day because it was fun! I learned that the oil we need to make plastic is going to run out.

    From, Lucy

  6. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I didn’t like paperless day because we couldn’t do math sheets and cursive, plus other things with paper. I think we can use paper, just as long as we recycle it when we are done.


  7. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I had a fun time skyping with you and your class! It was fun not using paper. I should tell my teacher to be paperless every day because I got easy homework. Did you class get homework on the computer?

    Your friend,

  8. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    Good for you! Learning more to reuse, reduce, and recycle is a good idea. It’s pretty impressive that you used just white boards, reusable containers, the “smart board,” and more. I know how it feels because the rest of the class and Mrs. Yollis had the same experience!

    Best wishes,
    [Mrs. Yollis student] 😀

  9. Dear Mr. Salsich and class,

    It seems like a lot of people in your class liked the paperless day. I did too. It was cool that you used your Smartboard. My class doesn’t have one. I really want to do this again.

    Charlie (In Mrs. Yollis’ class)

  10. Dear Class,
    I liked paperless day because it was was fun working on the white board. I liked when we where doing partners and I got who I really wanted and it was GABBY! I was so so happy. We wrote a lot of stuff and we got to go on the blog in the picture. In the picture my partner and I had huge smiles on our faces. I was in luck that day
    Brianna 🙂

  11. What a great blog you have! It was a great idea to do a paperless day. We’ll have to do that in my school to!

  12. Dear Mr. Salsich and class,
    i love your project and it inspired me to do the same with my class here in the UAE.

    thank you so much for saving the earth : )

    Azza Al Awadi

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