Amazing Amphibians

For three weeks we had an amphibian tank in our classroom. It was donated by our classmate Alison – she and her family found all the amphibians in their yard so they are all local to Stonington.

We learned a lot from watching and feeding the frogs and the toad. Here is a video (starring the amphibians!) that explains some of the adaptations we learned about.

(If Vimeo is blocked at your school, you can watch the video here on SchoolTube.)

What was your favorite part of the video?

What was something interesting that you learned?

Do you know anything else about frogs and toads?

34 thoughts on “Amazing Amphibians

  1. Enjoyed it? Loved it!!! What a great way to have an outdoor learning experience in your classroom. Mr. Salsich and his students are a winning TEAM!

  2. The video was well put together and we all enjoyed it. Great job class! Thank you Alison for bringing these in. Steven was very excited to watch these amphibians up close.

    How did Alison find all those frogs?

  3. Dear 3rd Grade Class,
    I loved your video about the amphibians, and I especially enjoyed all the wise statements you made about the different scenes in the video. My favorite part was learning about the way they use their eyes to help them eat. It was truly amazing.
    Thanks so much for the entertaining and informative lesson.

    Mr. Hamilton Salsich

  4. Dear Mr Salsich and class,

    Wow! I absolutely loved this video you created! I showed 2KJ this morning (after seeing the link Mr Salsich left on Jazmin’s blog comment) and we were all fascinated by the frogs!

    It is very hard for me to choose a favourite part because I enjoyed it all, but I particularly liked seeing the slow motion shots of the frogs jumping and eating. I knew that frogs used their eyes to help them swallow food but the way you captured that exact moment of the eyes enlarging and popping up is truly amazing! Well done!

    The way the children spoke to narrate the video is just fantastic, I really admire the confidence and clarity of your speaking skills.

    I gave the link to this post to another teacher who has frogs in her class at the moment.

    Congratulations everyone, this is one my favourite posts of the year!

    Your friend,
    Miss Jordan

  5. Dear Mr Salsich and students,

    Wonderful post about frogs. I really enjoyed your video and listening to you talk about each frog.

    I found it very interesting how a toads eyes would pop out after it has been fed.Also I like the slow motion to get a better view of the frog in action.
    I have found out an interesting fact about the American Bull frog and that is that it sheds it skin.

    Keep up the great work,
    from your blogging buddy Bianca.

    • Dear Bianca,

      Thank you for that information! I did not know that an American Bull Frog sheds its skin.

      I also think it is interesting how a frog`s eyes go in and out to swallow food.

      Here are a few questions I have for you: What is your favorite frog? Do you know any more facts about frogs? Do you know why American Bull Frogs shed their skin?


      • Dear Bianca,

        I also knew that frogs shed there skin. In fact, all frogs shed their skin. I have seen my tree frog do this once or twice. They use their hands to push the skin to their mouth so they can eat it. Have you ever seen a frog shed its skin? All frogs pop there eyes to help them swallow. If they didn’t, they couldn’t swallow anything.

        from your blogging buddy, Alison
        in Mr. Slacich’s Class

        • @ Alison,

          Thank you for your interesting facts on frogs sheding their skin. No I have not seen a frog shed it’s skin. It would be interesting to watch a frog shed it’s skin.

          Hope to hear from you again,

          From Bianca.

      • @ Margot*,
        Thank you for replying to me. Interesting question. I do have a favourite frog and it is the strawberry arrow frog. This frog lives in the rainforest of Costa Rica (South America).
        Do you have a favourite frog?

        Yes I do know some frog facts.
        The American Bull frog has really good hearing. The male Bull frog has much larger eyes then the female American Bull frog. Also I found out the reason why the American bull frogs shed there skin is beacause they out grow their skin.

        From Bianca.

  6. Dear Mr. Salaich and class,

    I love the video!I have some questions for you.
    How long does the red kangaroo live for? Is the red eye tree frog poisonous? What kinds of animals do you have there?


  7. Dear Alison,

    I really like the tree frog. I did not know that they live here. I couldn’t find any when we had the tank.

    from your friend Sean in Mr. Salsich’s class 🙂

  8. Mr. Salsich’s class,

    Wow! What a truly amazing video you created!

    Like many others, I learned that frogs used their eyes to swallow their food. I had no idea! It was awesome to see that in slow motion. The commentators and instant replays made this video so informative.

    I will have to show this in my class because I am positive that they will learn something new too!

    Great job, Sampson’s mom

  9. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I wish we could keep those frogs and toad longer. Those were some pretty lightning fast tongues. My favorite part of the video was when one of the frogs was on the glass and he was sliding down. Are we going to have another class pet?

    Sam K.

    • Dear Sam,

      I also wish we could have kept the frogs longer – I miss them! It was fun feeding them after school, trying to make sure the green frog didn’t eat all the crickets. I’m not sure if we’ll get another class pet. I’d like to have another amphibian or a reptile but it’s a little hard to take care of them over the weekend and on school vacations… We’ll see.

      Mr. Salsich

  10. Dear Mr. Salsich,
    I liked making the wonderful Amphibian movie. I also liked having the frogs in our classroom! I think it was nice that Alison loaned them to us. I bet it was Alison`s idea to bring the frog tank in. I liked the part when it said ”Whooo I`m slipping”! I liked how the person said it with expression.

    From Taylor*

  11. Dear Mr. Salsich
    I loved the post of Alison’s amazing amphibians. My favorite part was my part when I talked about the American toad. I hope we make more of these video type things.


    Cassidy your student

  12. Dear Mr.Salsich,

    I thought our frog and toad post was awesome! I especially liked the green frog call, I really didn’t expect that low moaning sound. Once I went out into the woods with my Dad and my brother and caught salamanders in a small stream. We caught five but one got away from my hands. We were able to see the dark red back and the black belly. Do you think we should get another class pet? Maybe a fish.

    From Sam L.

  13. Dear Mr. Salsich and Alison,

    What are the names of the frogs? Do you have a pond by your house? Did you find the tree frogs in a tree or on a fallen branch?

    Sincerely, Sam C.

  14. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I liked having an amphibian tank in our room. It was cool because we got to watch them eat and I learned that that they use their eyes to swallow. I also learned that they swallow it live and whole. I learned that sometime the cricket that it eats is still alive inside the frog until the juices kill it.

    Your classmate,

  15. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I liked our new amphibians. I liked feeding them live crickets. It was so cool seeing their eyes pop out of their heads and it was also cool seeing the green frog jump and hit the glass and fall in the water.
    Now that was funny! Really funny.

    Your Friend, Autumn

  16. To Mr. Salsich’s class,
    I absolutely loved this video! The image are so clear and focused, your narration is easy to understand and I like the background music you chose. My favorite part was hearing what one of the frogs sounds like when it croaks.
    From, Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Madison,

      The frogs are doing just fine. No they do not croak at night. This is because they are females. Females don’t croak at night because they don’t need to in the wild. The males croak because they need to find mates to mate with in the spring,so they can make eggs. The females don’t make a peep. We have one male though. He sometimes croaks, but not often. He is the green frog that is rather large. Maybe next spring he will make more noise when mating season comes.

      From, Alison

  17. Wow, terrific video everyone! This is the coolest frog video we’ve ever seen. It was interesting to see how they eat.

    Alison’s Uncle Joe and cousin Sophia, from Seattle WA
    P.S. We dont’ have toads here.

  18. Wow that video is amazing. I learned lots that I did not know before, like that they use their eyes to help swallow thier food. Very good work making the video. It was great.

  19. I can only think of 1 word to describe that video WOW. That was amazing!

    I had a great time learning about all the different types of frogs! this video just blew my mind, and set a whole new example of Amphibians in my head.

    From Isabella

  20. I love frogs and caught a frog when I was younger. I put her in a tank then I had to let her go. I think it is so cute when the frog is on the glass and slides down.

  21. Hi,
    I think its funny when the frog is on the wall and he starts sliding. It’s so funny. I think frogs are one of the best things in the world. One time my dad was coming home and he saw this huge frog. He sent a picture to my moms phone and it looked like a miniature baby turkey. It was hilarious. Also, in the summer my friend, my sister, and I go to this pond behind my house and clean out the river. We get all the leaves out that are blocking the flow. We sometimes find frog eggs, frogs, and polliwogs. I love the summer.

  22. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I think it’s so amazing that we had an amphibian tank in our classroom!

    It was so fascinating to watch the frogs eat in the video and in real life. My favorite part of having the tank of frogs was learning their adaptations. What is yours ?

    Your student,


  23. Dear Mr .Salsich,

    I think the frogs were cool and it was cool learning about frogs. I also always wanted to see a frog before. It was awesome! I never knew they have lightning fast tongues. Frogs are so cool!

    from your friend,


  24. Dear Alison

    It was so cool to have a amphibian tank in our room because we got to see how they swallow food. It was creepy that they used their eyes to swallow

    Maggie 🙂

  25. Mr. Salsich,

    I saw your video on Amazing Amphibians. It was great. When you asked what does bye bye mean, it means when somebody went back to their real home. My mom was scared when they hop and get the cricket, it was funny


  26. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    That was an interesting video! We like the green toad because it has a yellow belly. We were wondering what was the yellow stuff on the belly? We thought the frog that camouflages is cool because you can’t see it when it is on trees.

    Kristen and Nicole
    (in Mrs. Yollis’ class)

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