Toy Store Estimation

We have been learning how to estimate numbers. This allows us to quickly figure out about what the answer to a math problem will be.

To estimate means to round. Estimating and rounding are very useful in everyday life. You don’t always have time to figure out the exact amount of things.

Below is a “Room 314 News” video with examples of estimating while shopping. The hosts are Strawberry, Rudolph, and Frosty, with help from some holiday shoppers.

(A special thanks to Mystical Toys for letting us use photos from their amazing store!)

What did you think of the video?

Can you think of other situations where estimating is helpful?

What is on your holiday wish list?

20 thoughts on “Toy Store Estimation

  1. Dear Strawberry, Rudolph and Frosty,

    Great job! 🙂 You guys have excellent rounding skills! It was funny when Strawberry and Rudolph got scared because a animal was behind them.

    What I want for Christmas this year is a puppy, a kitten or a tree house. I also would like a pool with a swim-up bar.

    I also have some questions: What do you want for Christmas? Do you like rounding?


  2. Dear Margot,

    Thank you for the fantastic comment. Well this is what I want from Santa: spray art and Pets Nursery 2 DS game. And about the “make yourself wild” thing, Mr. Salsich was supposed to put the Grinch behind us put all of the pictures that he found they were all blurry and you could not see them. But the make your wild self was a good idea.

    From, Strawberry*

  3. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I think the video was great! My favorite part was the bloopers. When Maggie and Sam C. were doing the math and Maggie interrupted Sam saying, “oh pretty please with sprinkles and hot fudge and….”. I thought that was funny.

    I have some questions:
    Whats your favorite thing to do during Christmas time?
    Do you like buying presents or making presents?

    Happy Blogging!

    *Amanda 🙂

    • Dear Amanda,

      Excellent comment! My favorite thing to do during Christmas time is making gingerbread houses with my cousins. My Mom buys lots of candy and frosting to cover the houses with. Instead of using real gingerbread we use cardboard houses because the real gingerbread will crumble.

      I like making presents more than getting presents because when you make presents you can be creative and you can give people whatever you want to give them.
      I have given many presents to people but I have received many more than I have given!

      in Mr. Salsich`s class

  4. Dear Mr.Salsich,

    It was a little tricky making the video. And you said you would put the Grinch on the green screen not one of the people from make yourself wild. But I thought it was a good idea anyway. I learned even grown ups even use the strategy of rounding at the store.

    From, Strawberry*

  5. Dear Mr Salsich,

    Hope you and your students are well.
    I hope you all have a wonderful Chirstmas!
    I was wondering if you received my parcel as I sent Emment a book and a book for you and your students and a card for Amanda.

    Hope to hear from you,

    • Dear Bianca,

      Thank you for another great comment! I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays. We are going to miss blogging with 2KM and 2KJ during December and January, but it is so nice to know that we can keep blogging with you on your amazing blog!

      Yes, we just got your parcel today! We will open it tomorrow in class and I will take pictures for a blog post. Last Friday we also got a wonderful parcel from 2KM and 2KJ – with a beautiful Australian flag, Aussie pencils, a CD of Aussie Christmas songs, and a holiday cookbook! You are all such great friends. I feel a little sad that we didn’t send anything to all of you before your year ended. 🙁

      We will try to record a song tomorrow to post on our blog for our Australian buddies!

      Your friend,
      Mr. Salsich

  6. Dear “Rudolph”,

    My favorite part is when you and Strawberry were frightened when you saw the weird monster behind you!
    It was funny when Maggie was jogging around Sam. I couldn’t be in the scene. But Maggie was really funny!.


  7. Dear Mr. Salsich:

    This was a great example of math and how it applies to shopping for the holiday’s. I wish Gus had asked for books not a Nerf gun. Ha ha.

    Congratulations on your blog award.


    Gus’ Mom & Gus

    • Dear Gus and his Mom,

      Thank you for the great comment. Well I guess Gus does not like books. He likes Nerf guns. You can see that when he does the little expression that he did in the video. Happy blogging!


  8. Our homeschool class in Massachusetts has just reviewed your video.

    James (age 9) writes: I like the video, estimating would be helpful when you are counting money.

    Delia (age 7) writes: Really cool video…and funny.

    Margaret (age 9) writes: I really like the video. We were estimating when we were trying to figure out how many Christmas cards we would need.

    • Dear Mrs.G and students,

      You are right James, rounding is very helpful when you are counting. I have a question for you: Did you like the bloopers? I know I did. It is cool how you are estimating to try to figure out how many Christmas cards you need.


  9. Dear Strawberry, Rudolph, and Frosty,

    You asked what I thought of your video. I will not use estimation in my answer, but rather I have an exact answer…That video was outstanding! The use of real-life examples really helped. (That includes the real-life strategy of begging for a toy!) 🙂

    I use estimation with money all the time. Another way I use estimation is with time. For example, in about five minutes, I’m going to go put the laundry in the dryer. It can also be used for bigger blocks of time. For instance, it has been raining here in California for approximately six days. (Approximately is a fancy way of saying about. I always feel extra smart when I use the word approximately.)

    One of the things on the top of my holiday list is a drum kit! I have always wanted to learn how to play, so I’m hoping Santa will make my dream come true!

    Have a super holiday and I’ll see you all next year!

    Your friend,
    Sheriff Y♥llis

    • Dear Mrs.Yollis,

      Thank you for the great comment. I hope Santa will make your dreams come true. I am sure that he will make your dreams come true. For Christmas I want a spray art kit and a DS game called Pets Nursery 2 t is were you take care of animals that are sick. I have a question for you: What do your students want for Christmas? Happy blogging 🙂

      From, Taylor*** in Mr. Salsich`s class

  10. Dear Mr.Salsich’s class

    Estimation-Rounding are very important in life.
    The Bloopers were really funny, ha ha ha

    From:Roman in Mrs.Webb-Scheers class

    • Dear Roman,

      Thank you for the great comment. You are correct Estimation-Rounding is very important in life. In fact some grown up`s round when they are shopping so they don`t have to add up the exact price that the thing is. Happy Blogging!

      From, Taylor***

  11. Dear Amanda,

    My favorite part about Christmas is going to New Jersey that’s where my cousins live. At their house we go sledding and open more presents. We go there after we open presents from Santa and on Christmas Eve we open presents from our parents. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Maggie 😉

  12. I’m a 3rd grade teacher from Lancaster, PA. I saw your teacher’s post about your video on my Twitter account.I wanted to check it out to see what other classes are doing. I was really impressed! This is a great project and you showed some excellent real world application of your math lesson. I thought you were great actors too! Kudos to you guys and your fabulous teacher.

  13. Hello! My name Mrs. Moffitt. I am a 1st grade teacher in Sarasota Florida. I am here in Rhode Island visiting for the holidays. I’ve known your student Hope since she was born. I was so excited when she shared your blog with me. I thought the video on estimation was fabulous, and it has inspired me to try something like this with my class. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Mrs. Moffitt
    Grade 1
    Lamarque Elementary, Sarasota County

  14. Dear Mr. Salsich’s Class,
    I love your holiday estimation video. I use estimation each day when I plan activities. For instance, I estimated our writing activity would take 30 minutes today. I learned that it actually took 45 minutes, so next time I can plan my time even better.
    It’s about time for me to go to bed! Good job kids!
    Mrs. Kistler, a 49’er

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