Mysterious Project

We have had a lot of snow days lately, so some of our blog posts and other projects have been put on hold.

We will have new posts up early next week. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek at part of a big project we have been slowly working on over the past two months.

Can you guess what it is?

What is that thing?

What is that thing?

What do you think the students are making?

Why would they be making it?

(To our class: No fair answering because you already know what it is.)

22 thoughts on “Mysterious Project

  1. Mr. Salsich’s Class,

    You’re keeping us all in suspense! Hmmmm, it’s tall and has different shades of green. It has a little bit of a light brown in it. The texture looks rather rough and rugged. I wish I could see the whole thing!

    If I had to venture a guess, I would say that you’re making a cactus. I’m probably way off but I think that would go well with your Reading Round-Up blog with Mrs. Yollis’ class.

    Can you give me any hints?

    Mr. Avery
    Plympton, Massachusetts
    Mr. Avery’s Class Blog

    • Dear Mr. Avery,

      Thank you for the great comment. I really want to say what it is but I can`t. You are a great guessing person. If I was someone that was not in Mr. Salsich`s class I would not know what that thing is.

      From, Taylor in Mr. Salsich`s class

  2. Hello Mr. Salsich’s Class!

    I am so excited by your project and I have some observation about what you are building. I see a variety of greens and browns and your project seems pretty large. I also see what looks like pleats or accordion folds. Perhaps you are building something large (from nature) that is adapted to survive in it’s environment? I don’t want to give away my actual guess, but I cannot wait to see the final product!

    Also, how is everyone coping with the tons and tons of snow you are receiving? I’ve been watching the weather reports and am very curious to know what it’s like to be in all that snow! In 1997 we had snow of that magnitude here in Michigan. When I went outside, my whole car was buried!

    I hope you are back in school soon!

    Mrs. Delgado
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

  3. Dear Mr.Salsich,
    I would have to agree with Mr.Avery , I think that it is a cactus as well. You have me on my toes wondering what it is! I can’t wait to find out!!! They might be making it for a project on deserts?! Well, hope to find out soon!
    Kaitlyn in Mrs.Webb-Scheers’ class

  4. Hello Connecticut. My guess is a Green Man for the coming of spring, sounds like you need one to chase away the snow!
    I’m a Headteacher in Hawes Primary School, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, UK
    We have just started to blog this month, pay us a visit if you like. My kids would be really excited and I hope they will learn from your blog.

  5. Hello Mr.Salsich and class,
    Your mysterious project is indeed that – mysterious. You haven’t really given us much to work with.
    Coming from Australia, I would guess a bunyip. Your project is big, tall and coloured green and brown like a bunyip.
    How did I do?

    from Mrs W.

    P.S. you will have to find out what a bunyip is!!

    • Dear Mrs. W.,

      Wow, I just found out what a bunyip is! I wasn’t planning on commenting on guesses for a few days, but I have to say that, no, we are not making a bunyip. I think I’d be afraid to enter the classroom if there was a giant bunyip in there.

      I wonder, are bunyips always scary, or are there stories of friendly ones?

      Thanks for teaching me something new!

      Mr. Salsich

    • Dear Mrs. W,

      I have found out what a bunyip is, and I think bunyips are actually cute on the pictures on the website about bunyips you gave us a link to! I think bunyips look a little like a fat bunny with horns. I wish I could have a pet bunyip!
      I would like to know if you have ever found evidence that a bunyip is real. I think a bunyip sounds a little like a troll or Bigfoot.

      Some questions I have are: Can bunyips actually be kind? What do you think bunyips look like?

      in Mr. Salsich`s class

    • Dear Mrs. W.,

      Thank you for showing us the Bunyip website. I enjoy it very much.
      What I enjoy about it is the games section. I like the tic-tac-toe battle between the two Bunyip’s.


    • Dear Mrs. W,

      Mr. Salsich showed us what a bunyip looks like and I thought they were kind of cute, but on the website you gave us a link to they looked weird.

      We are not making a bunyip though. But that was a good guess. I`m going to give you a hint; when it`s done there will be no brown in it.

      Maggie in Mr. Salsich`s class 🙂

  6. Dear Mr Salsich and class,

    You have had a lot of snow days by the sounds! As you probably know, we would never have a snow day here in Leopold, Australia. It just doesn’t get cold enough (it sounds like fun though!)

    I thought your creation looks like The BFG. You might know the book by Roald Dahl. I know Mr Salsich likes reading his class novels so I wouldn’t be surprised if you have read this book! BFG stands for big friendly giant. The BFG is a really fun story that would be good to read while it is snowing!

    I can’t think why you would be making a BFG but that is what I think your creation looks like!

    If you want to learn more about Roald Dahl books, here is a fun site for you

    Good work finding out what a bunyip is! At a local primary school about 10 minutes away from us there is a Bunyip Festival every year. This is like a school fair with a special visit from the local bunyip. It has been going for 30 years now!

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs Morris (Miss McGeady)

  7. It looks to me like you are working on a giant parachute. You will probably attach a classroom pet (stuffed animal of course) and drop them from the top of the gym. I can’t wait to see what it really is.

  8. Hi Mr Salsich and class,
    So your mysterious project is not a bunyip. I’ll have to think about what else it might be. Is it an animal?

    As bunyips are from Aboriginal mythology, there are a number of stories about them. What a bunyip looks like is a debated topic.

    You might like to look at this website to find out more information about bunyips:

    In Australia, we have quite a few children’s books about bunyips. Probably the best known book is ‘The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek’. You might be able to find it in the USA so that you can read it.

    from Mrs W.

    • Dear Mrs W and P-2,

      Wow! Bunyips are very interesting mythical creatures! It would be cool if bunyips were REAL creatures and were NICE instead of NAUGHTY because then we could have a pet bunyip!

      Your friend,

    • Dear Mrs. W,

      I liked the Bunyip site. I had never heard or seen a Bunyip before. My favorite part on the site is fun and games.

      Thank you for sharing the site with us,


  9. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I know what it is but I can’t tell anyone!
    If I didn’t know what it was I’d think it was a long beam 😀

    Emmett in Mr. Salsich’s Class

  10. Dear Mr Salsich and Class,
    Your project is certainly a mystery! My guess is some sort of sea creature – a giant octopus or jellyfish. I think the colours automatically made me think of the sea.

    Snow days? It was 40C here yesterday so definitely no snow in Western Australia!
    Ms Vivian

  11. Dear Class,
    I am in graduate school to become a teacher and work with a third grade class for my internship in Heuvelton, NY. I also think that you are building a cactus because the brown part to the side looks like it is sticking out, and the whole thing is very tall. Are you learning about different climates? We had a snow day today, so the weather must be similar here! I really like your blog, it seems the class is very involved and it’s nice that parents and people you don’t even know are able to comment and you write back. What a wonderful experience for everyone involved! Keep up the great work everyone, and stay warm!
    Miss Schroeder

  12. Dear Mr. Salsich’s class,

    Good job on the Native Americans video. I think it was very interesting. Please do more videos so I can see them. Keep up the good work!


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