Skyping With California!

On Friday afternoon we had our first Skype chat of the year! We skyped with Mrs. Yollis and her class of third graders all the way from California.

Meeting "Sheriff" Yollis

Mrs. Yollis’ class is in the suburbs of Los Angeles. That is a long way away from our class in Connecticut. Actually it is about 2,890 miles away!

We are on opposite sides of the country

Mrs. Yollis’ class is one of our main blogging buddies so it was great to get to talk with them.


In our Skype chat we shared facts about our states, our towns, and our schools. While Mrs. Yollis’ class told us information about where they live, we were busy taking notes.

Serious note taking!

And they took notes when we told them about where we live.

In math we have been learning about how to sort and compare information, or data. Here is some of the data that we shared during our Skype call:

Comparing Our States

Comparing Our States


Comparing our Communities

Comparing Our Communities


Comparing Our Schools

Comparing Our Schools


We had a blast meeting Mrs. Yollis and her class!

A Great First Chat!

Since we are such good blogging buddies, we will be Skyping with them again very soon.

(Mrs. Yollis’ class also shares the Reading Round-Up blog with us. If you haven’t visited the Reading Round-Up yet, you really should check out the post where Sheriff Yollis and Sheriff Salsich talk about non-fiction features. It’s a real humdinger!)


Be sure to check out their post about the Skype chat on Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog!


 What was your favorite part about the Skype chat?

What was most interesting or surprising about the data that we shared?

Do you have any questions for our friends in California?

20 thoughts on “Skyping With California!

  1. Dear 3rd Grade Class,

    I am so impressed with this post, and with your Skype discussion with the class from California. It’s amazing that you are working closely with a school that is so far away!

    I kind of feel sorry for Mrs. Yollis’s class because they never get to enjoy snow!

    Keep up the fine work, boys and girls!

    Mr. Hamilton Salsich

  2. Dear Mr Salsich and Grade 3,

    It was interesting comparing the data about Connecticut and California in your tables.

    One thing that I notice is that the population of your state is similar to the population of the whole of New Zealand.
    However, the area of New Zealand is much larger than Connecticut. The land area of New Zealand is about 103,700 sq miles!

    Here is a question for the students – Looking at time zones, do you think it will ever be possible for children in B4 in New Zealand to Skype with you in Connecticut?

    From Mrs McKenzie

    • Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

      We thought it was very interesting that we have almost as many people in our state as you have in your whole country! Since New Zealand is much larger than Connecticut with less people, we decided that it must have a lot of open land. Do you have lots of forests and farms?

      We also looked at the time zones and figured that if we stayed late one afternoon we might be able to Skype with you when you first get to school. Also, on November 6 we move our clocks back an hour so that might make it easier to Skype!

      Mr. Salsich’s students

  3. Dear Scholarly Skypers (and Mr. Salsich),

    Wow! It looks like you uncovered a lot of FACTS about the two school communities. And it looks like you all had FUN doing it.

    I am really jealous of the fact that Mrs. Yollis’ town only gets 14 inches of rain per year and no snow. Sometimes it feels like we get 14 inches of rain in one month!

    I was wondering how you find other classes to communicate with and to join in a quad-blog.

    Bob (Maura’s dad)

    • Dear Dad,

      I can understand why you are jealous of the little amount of rain they get there. But no snow? I do not understand why you are jealous of that. Please reply and tell me.


      • Maura and Chris:

        Ha ha! Yes, I do agree that snow can be fun. Especially when you are young and don’t have to shovel it!

        I was actually more jealous of the small amount of rain they get, because I like to go outside and do outdoor activities. Rain can often ruin them or make them not as fun. Snow, I suppose, does offer different outdoor activities like sledding and skiing.

        I was wondering: are your friends in California near the ocean or are they more inland? It might be interesting to compare the Atlantic with Pacific oceans with them if they are on the coast.


    • Dear Maura’s Dad,

      Thank you for all the excellent comments you have been leaving on our blog!

      The main way we find other blogs to communicate with is by visiting class blogs, leaving comments, and then checking out some of the blogs they follow. Here is a list of classroom blogs.

      We started quad-blogging with three of the other classes we work with the most, but you can also find information about quad-blogging and interested classes here.

      Thanks for the interest!

      Mr. Salsich

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis’s class,

    I had so much fun during the skype call!

    All the interesting facts about your state were super cool. It’s so awesome that your state tree is the California Redwood! Those trees are gigantic!

    I hope we’ll skype again really soon.

    Your new friend from Mr. Salsich’s class,

    • Dear Taylor and friends,

      I am so very impressed by all the technology you are using to learn about new places and meet new friends from all over the world. I didn’t travel to California until I was working my first job out of college. I was 21 and it took about 6 hours to travel from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA. I was so amazed when I saw the snow capped mountains surrounding the L.A. valley. What a strange thing to see snow when it was 80 degrees in the valley! I never got to see the redwoods but I was able to travel up the coast to Malibu. You are a lucky bunch to make friends that live so far away. Keep up the good work and I look forward to learning more about the places you visit.

      Your friend,
      Miss Millie

      P.S.- I also did not know that the Praying Mantis was the CT state insect. I have been seeing them all over the place this fall. What a funny creature that is.

  5. Dear Mr.Salsich

    My favorite part was that we got to get to know every one better and we got to meet the class. The most interesting thing I learned is they don’t get lots of snow and they only get 14 inches of rain.


  6. Dear Mr Salsich,

    My favorite part was the part when we got to tell our symbols like our state animals and the highest point. I also liked to meet the class. I really like to do Skype.


    • Dear Carly,

      My favorite part was learning all the facts about California and Connecticut. I also liked when the classes got to tell each other super cool facts about each state!

      My favorite fact about California was that there state tree is a California redwood. I also liked the fact that their state animal is a grizzly bear. I think that that is cool!

      What was your favorite fact that we learned about California? Also what was your favorite fact that we learned about our state?

      Friend Kayla

  7. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I am wondering, why do we do skype calls?

    I really like to skype a lot! Mr Salsich, I really like to blog because you put videos of us on the blog. I also like how we get to type to other people that we don’t know.

    Love Hanna!

  8. Dear Class,

    Skypeing with Mrs.Yollis’ class was fun.

    My favorite part was that the kid’s got to talk with Mrs.Yollis’ class. Our class got to tell them some facts about Connecticut and they told us some facts about Califorina where they live. It was fun!


  9. Dear Class,

    I think it is really neat that you get to use technology in such a fun and educational way. It is also very interesting to learn about children in other parts of our country and the world.

    Maura, did you tell your class that your aunt and uncle live in LA? They actually live in Hollywood and are both actors. They always talk about how nice the weather is in California. One of these days we should go and visit and see LA for ourselves. Next time we Skype with them we should quiz them on California facts. Do you think they know the state insect?


    Tysen (Maura’s Mom)

  10. Hi,

    I just finished reading and looking at your fabulous pictures on your post Skyping with California.

    Thats really cool and funny because on October 14 my class skyped Mr. Handly’s class in the England (UK)!

    Miss B put a survey for us ( Miss B’s class and others) about things and facts about England and Mr.Handly did the same only about Canada!

    Cheers Mercedes
    Miss B’s Block

  11. Dear Mr. Salsich and class,

    That was a great idea. When I was in 3rd grade that was one of my favorite things to do and it always made my day. I thought that it was very interesting to see all of the information. Of what I can think of it is not very different from when I was in Mr. Salsich’s class.

    Your ex-student
    Tyler D

  12. Dear Mr Salsich’s class,

    I thought it was very cool that you boys and girls got your first Skype chat this year! You will have a lot of Skype chats with Mrs. Yollis’ class. I remember when I was in Mr. Salsich’s class and we had our first Skype chat. We had a lot of chats with Mrs. Yollis’ class! I hope you get to have as many as last year.

    I hope you have noticed that you will be doing a lot of posts on the blog and that you will have so many fun activities in this school year. You guy are very lucky to have Mr. Salsich as a teacher.

    Cassidy 🙂

  13. Hi Mr. Salsich’s class,

    I enjoyed reading about the experience you had skyping with Mrs. Yollis’s class from Los Angeles. It must have been alot of fun, and as I can see from the information you posted, you also learned alot of interesting facts!

    I wish I had the opportunity to do something like this when I was in elementary school. We never had a class blog or skyped with other classes, but in grade three we did have “pen pals” where we wrote letters by hand for a student from another class. Do you guys have anything like that?

    What was your favourite part about skyping with Mrs. Yollis’s class? I am a student teacher for Miss. B’s class and they did something similar to this. They skyped a class from England!

    Keep up the great posts.

    Miss Steph (student teacher)
    Miss B’s Block

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