Juan Pablo and “Good Fit” Books

Our friend Juan Pablo is back with another question about reading!

Last time, when he needed help with what to do when he got confused while reading, he got so many great answers that he knows you can all help him again with his new problem. Here it is: 


So, how do you pick out books to read?

Are there any tips you can share with Juan Pablo?

Maybe you could recommend books that you have enjoyed!

Juan Pablo’s Summer Reading

Today is the first day of August. That means that schools in North America have about a month left of summer vacation.

One of our class mascots, Juan Pablo, has really been enjoying summer, but he is also starting to get excited for a new school year of learning. He would like to share what he has been reading during the summer, and get some suggestions from you of other books he can try.

Check out his video message below:

So, can you help Juan Pablo out?

If you leave a comment try to tell us the book and the author and maybe something about why you like it.

(Of course, if you live in the southern hemisphere where it is winter now, we would love to hear your book suggestions too!)


What is something you enjoyed reading this summer?

What other exciting things have you done during summer?

What is your favorite fly recipe? *

*(Juan Pablo tried to sneak that last question in.)